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Owning Small Animals







Your Starter Guide to Welcoming a Small Animal into the Family

Once you have chosen your small animal there are a few things you need before taking them home.


A Quick Shopping List

  • Food and Water bowls

  • Hay

  • Food

  • Fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs

  • Hideaways

  • Enclosure

  • Chew toys


Optional Extras

  • Mineral + Salt lick

  • Treats

  • Grooming kit


Rabbits and Guinea pigs are strictly herbivores so their diet consists of pellets, vegetables/fruit, hay, grass and some herbs. Guinea pigs need to be provided with vegetables/fruit that contain vitamin c as they lack an enzyme that produces this vitamin. Some excellent vegetables/fruits containing vitamin c are kale, broccoli, strawberries and parsley. Rabbits require a high-fiber diet for proper digestion. Both Rabbits and Guinea pigs are very social animals therefore they do better with a friend or two!

Fun fact: their teeth and nails never stop growing!

Preparing your home

Firstly you want ot make sure you have the correct sized enclosure, indoor and outdoor hutches are great but usually dont have enough appropriate space for your guinea/rabbit to run around. You can add on a enclosed run made from wood and chicken wire or if you're going to be supervising at all times, you can use a tall dog pen. Before you bring them home have your cage all set up and prepared, this includes ensuring you have food, hay, chew toys and a hide away area. 


Bringing your Guinea pig/Rabbit home

When bringing your new Guinea pig/Rabbit home they are likely to feel stressed and slightly overwhelmed as they are in a completely new environment. This means they will need a day or two to acclimate to their new home before you start handling them, you can also cover their enclosure with a cloth/sheet for the first day or two, giving the guinea pig/rabbit the time to explore their new home with privacy and less distractions.

 Another thing you can do to help your guinea pig/rabbit adjust is to use the same type of food and bedding that they are used to using and gradually add new products. Always make sure that you provide plenty of fresh water daily and dry bedding for them to sleep on. Providing them with nibbles and salt licks will also keep their teeth in great shape and give them all the nutrients they need.



Your Guinea pig/Rabbit should be given fresh food and water daily supplemented with hay, fresh vegetables, grass and herbs to maintain their dietary needs. They should be given hay as it makes up at least 70% of their diet, good hays to use are Timothy or Meadow hay. Fruit can be used as a treat and should only be given in small portions as it is high in natural sugars.

Safe foods (in moderation, always do further research)

- Cucumber            - Carrots

- Capsicum            - Apple

- Celery                 - Kale

- Parsely                - Corriander

- Rocket                - Silverbeet

- Dandelions         - Green Beans


Small Animal Boarding

We offer Small Animal Boarding for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Birds. We have cared for many animals while their families are on holiday! For further information message our Facebook Page @kamopetshop, Call 09 4353736 or Email.


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