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Owning a dog... What you need to know... What you really need...



Your Starter Guide
to Welcoming a Puppy into the Family

Once you’ve chosen your puppy there are a few things you will need before taking your new furry best friend home.


A Quick Shopping List

  • Collar, Lead, Harness

  • Bedding

  • Food and Water bowls

  • Quality Food

  • Flea and Worm treatment

  • Grooming Essentials (includes shampoos, brushes, nail clippers etc)

  • Toys

  • Training Pads

  • Pet Health Book (Vet Book)


Optional Extras

  • Car Safety Harness Clip

  • Identity Pet Tag

  • Stain and Odour Removers

  • Poop Bags

  • Crate (if wishing to crate train)


When looking for a puppy to join your family it's important to know how the puppy was raised. Are it's parents vaccinated? How many litters has the mother had? Has the puppy had its first vaccination and been wormed regularly? All puppies should only be rehomed at 8 weeks or older.

Once you've picked your pup up it is best to get it microchipped and your contact details registered as soon as possible. It is important to keep their vaccination up to date with your local vet. They are to be wormed at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks then monthly till they are 6 months of age and then every 3 months thereafter. Most topical flea treatments can only be administered at 8 weeks of age. There are natural alternatives that can be used prior to 8 weeks, speak to us to find out more.


Preparing your Home

Ensure any potential hazards are kept out of reach  as a puppy's curiosity can get the better of them. It is also a good idea to keep socks, shoes and any other chewable belongings stored away as you don’t want them to become your puppy’s new toy!


Bringing your Puppy Home

To help ease the transition to their new environment, if possible, rub their new bed or blanket on the puppy’s siblings/mother to pick up their scent. When introducing your puppy to the yard, ensure there are no holes or gaps in your fence and that there are no potential hazards to the puppy such as deep holes, sharp objects etc. It is also very important to know if their has been a dog infected with parvo on the property within the past couple years as this highly contagious disease can last a long time on surfaces. 



It is best to establish a routine when it comes to feeding. By feeding at particular times this will ensure that the puppy will fall into this routine. Ensure the food and water bowls are placed where they will remain in the future. It’s best to keep the puppy on the food they have been eating prior to you adopting them and transition them slowly to the food you want to feed them. This can be done over a seven day period by gradually adding more of their new food in with the original food daily. Puppies should only be fed food specifically for puppies to ensure they are getting enough calories and correct doses of vitamins/minerals such as Glucosimine and Chondroitin.



Puppy’s need toys to provide mental stimulation and allow appropriate chewing. If you are not wanting your puppy to choose their own chew toys such as your shoes, couch or anything their hyper little bodies can get a hold of, then we recommend you provide them with the appropriate outlets to entertain them with. Another thing to note is that puppies shouldn't have to much physical exercise while their joints and bones are still forming, mental stimulation will tire them out just as much as physical!


Toys We Recommend and Supply

Nylochew Bone – Made from nylon, this chew bone is perfect for any dog/puppy big or small. As chewing starts to roughen the bone surface, the special heat-treated nylon also acts as a doggy toothbrush, helping to keep those pearly-whites clean and sparkling.

LickiMat - Helps calm and soothe your pet as they enjoy their favourite treat by helping release endorphins through the promotion of licking. The textured patterns are designed to please the tongues of dogs and work with all manner of treats and foods, ranging from yogurt, peanut butter and spreadable treats to raw, wet, dry and liquid foods. The licking action enhances the sense of taste, allowing your pet to enjoy just a small amount of food.

Kong – Made from the toughest natural rubber, this chew toy can endure the strongest of teeth. Entertaining and satisfying power chewers while also promoting healthy teeth/gums, this toy can be stuffed with treats, peanut butter or fill it with Kong Easy Treat filling made especially for the Kong.


Where to adopt puppies/dogs 

We no longer sell puppies instore, instead we suggest people checkout local animal rescues first! A few to look at is: Wandering Angels Animal Rescue, B.O.I Animal Rescue, Ruakaka Dog Rescue and Donna Doolittles Animal Rescue. Check them out on facebook


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  • “I've been to all 4 pet stores in Whangarei in the process of upgrading my fish tank. Kamo Pet & Aquatic Centre is the furthest pet store from me, but it's the one I keep going to and recommend! :)

    Good thing about them are their service, professionalism, knowledge (really friendly as well!) etc

    The best thing about them are their patience to my silly/annoying questions and requests! And they know what they know about pets!
    Shall visit you again soon”

    Joeun Mijoo Kim

  • “best place to go for anything fish related. Beautiful well cared for fish and was so nice talking to someone who really knows what he is doing. could of stayed an kept talking fish for ages. awesome store an will definitely be back again”

    Kristina Collinson

  • “This pet shop has been nothing but amazing have been going here for over a year, always get my pet food as its fresh made :) we even bring our rats back to visit. high recommended”

    Amanda Brown

  • “Paul and I have a cat, dog, rabbits, guinea pigs, a turtle, cockatiel, budgie and chickens. It's a bit of a zoo at our house, but we have always shopped at the Kamo Pet & Aquatic Centre for all our animals. Not only because of the amazing range of products for all animals, but because of the friendly customer service.

    There are not many shops where you walk in and the owner or staff make the effort to have a genuine chat with you. All staff have a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to come over and help you. On the very rare occasion when they haven't known something (it was a tricky turtle question) they went out of their way to find out. You couldn't ask for more in a pet shop. Antony, you have done amazing things with that shop and we wish you all the best for your new adventure :)”

    Simone Schimmel

  • “Friendly and professional service. The staff give great advice and kindly assist with any questions. Thanks for being so welcoming.”

    Sarah Marshall

  • “Bought A Tank, Light and Canister filter from Kamo last Week, extremely happy, Small problem with the filter this phone call and all is sorted couldn't be Happier, Thanks John and the crew”

    Jeff Miller